Bakewell Taxi Rates

Cross Dales Taxis have 4 seater and 8 seater taxis available to hire, each at a different price per mile travelled. We also offer set prices for all UK airports. The table below lists indicative rates for taxis picking up or dropping off in the centre of Bakewell. If you would like further advice or information please get in touch here.

DestinationVehicleRate 1Rate 2Rate 3
Darley DaleCar (Max 4 People)£11.00£17.00N/A
TideswellCar (Max 4 People)£15.00£23.00N/A
MatlockCar (Max 4 People)£16.00£24.00N/A
WirksworthCar (Max 4 People)£23.00£35.00N/A
ChesterfieldCar (Max 4 People)£24.00£36.00N/A
SheffieldCar (Max 4 People)£32.00£49.00N/A
DerbyCar (Max 4 People)£48.00£73.00N/A
NottinghamCar (Max 4 People)£62.00£94.00N/A
Darley DaleMinibus (Max 8 People)N/A£17.00£24.00
TideswellMinibus (Max 8 People)N/A£23.00£33.00
MatlockMinibus (Max 8 People)N/A£24.00£34.00
WirksworthMinibus (Max 8 People)N/A£35.00£50.00
ChesterfieldMinibus (Max 8 People)N/A£36.00£53.00
SheffieldMinibus (Max 8 People)N/A£49.00£71.00
DerbyMinibus (Max 8 People)N/A£73.00£106.00
NottinghamMinibus (Max 8 People)N/A£94.00£136.00

Which Rates Apply?

The rates shown are an indication of the meter rate set by Derbyshire Dales District Council. If unsure, please get in contact with us here.

Journey Start Time7am-11pm11pm-7am
Up to 4 people Monday – Saturday Rate 1Rate 2
Up to 4 people Sunday & Bank HolidaysRate 2Rate 2
From 5-8 people Monday – Saturday Rate 2Rate 3
From 5-8 people Sunday & Bank HolidaysRate 3Rate 3